Free, easy to use and very powerful spoke calculator in reach of one tap.

Spoke calculator

Hello and welcome to my SpokeCalc, a free, easy to use and very versatile tool for every enthusiast wheel builder. I like to call it a pocket tool, as there it should be for every bike mechanic. In pocket, installed on your smartphone's desktop, available and quick to use on the go as a Web app.

When writing this spoke calculator I started with Damon Rinard's widely used spocalc.xls but then the SpokeCalc quickly evolved to offer some nice features such as a calculation for straight pull hubs and even paired spoke hole hub design. Now it even offers a brand new Hub Measurements visual tool for your own hub measurements and export feature to SpokeCalc.

Rather than focusing on creating a large hub/wheels database that may quickly be outdated, I focused on calculator’s availability and mobile friendliness. Therefore, it offers a quick user experience with just few clicks with all the help you need included. The best part is that this tool is available as a WebApp to work on your smartphone's desktop in offline mode!

Besides spoke length, you are able to deep dive into wheel tensioning world, see tension ratios, see a ballpark numbers for tensioning both sides and further see how your inputs effect your final wheel setup specification.


I designed this spoke calc from scratch and on my own. The only input was my enormous motivation for cycling mechanics. If you like it, again, please give it a big like and share it with your bike friends!

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Aljaž Trenta

Enthusiastic wheelbuilder and cyclist.