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Welcome to SpokeCalc, your ultimate tool for calculating spoke lengths with precision and ease. Whether you are a seasoned wheel builder or just starting out, SpokeCalc is designed to simplify the process of determining the perfect spoke length for yor wheelbuilding projects.

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"I designed the spoke calculator and wheel building app from scratch and on my own. The main input was my enormous motivation for cycling mechanics. If you like it, share it with your bike friends!"

Aljaž Trenta

Founder and wheel builder

Spoke calculator

As an avid wheelbuilder I understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to building wheels. That's why I have developed a comprehensive, yet easy to use bicycle spoke calculator. The intuitive interface makes it easy to input your wheel's specifications and receive instant calculations, saving you time and ensuring that your wheels are build to perfection. If interested, please read testimonials, to see how the tool performs in the real world.

When I started writing the code and the algorithm for the spoke calculator back in 2019 I followed the Damon Rinard's widely recognized spocalc.xls but then the SpokeCalc quickly evolved to offer some nice features such as a calculation for straight pull hubs, paired spoke hole hub design and even two to one spoke calculator. After talking to Damon Rinard, he gave me blessings and full support to my project despite the project having similar naming, which was an important recognition for me.

Spokecalc featured in the Park Tool how-to Youtube video! Read also the article on Determining spoke length for wheel building.

As a web app, SpokeCalc offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With no downloads or installations required, you can access SpokeCalc from any device with an internet connection, whether it is your desktop computer in the workshop or your smartphone on the go. This flexibility means you can calculate spoke lengths anytime, anywhere, without being tied to a specific device. Plus, loading app's shortcut icon on your mobile desktop will make this tool even more a convenient and quick to use on the go.

Besides calculating the correct spoke length, you are able to explore wheel tensioning world, view tension ratios, predict ballpark numbers for tensioning both sides and further see how your inputs effect your final wheel setup specification.

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Write down all your components' measurements and details about the wheel you are building. Document your data for later use!

Probably the most popular document is the Spoke length worksheet print sheet, that you can print in advance and place it in your workshop for the times you need it to perform wheel building measurements.

Another way to take your skills to the next level is to explore other free wheel building tools, that the SpokeCalc offers. Access handy wheel building web tools that will make your work as a wheel builder easier. Calculate the correct spoke length, perform bike hub measurements or tension a wheel.

Like the SpokeCalc? Then join the community and promote your wheel builing artisanery and grow brand with the all new social module - the Makerbook. The Makerbook is a peer-to-peer or a business-to-client based list of wheel builders and similar bikeshops.


The later development of the SpokeCalc brought to life the App Spokecalc, a total wheel building tools that features all essential wheelbuilding apps in one place. Add components, save wheels, calculate spoke length and use tension app.

The main premise behind the App Spokecalc lies in two major aspects. Firstly, there is data organization and files storing while on the other side there is optimizing the daily workflow of a wheel builder.

Organizing data in a structured format like having all tension meter tables, components measurements, and wheel builds’ details like serials or notes on hand will inevitably save you time and energy, as it can prove useful for future repairs, part replacements or similar builds. On the other hand, with newly released features such as “Assign a wheel/component”, enhanced search and the Clipboard of your current project, the optimization of your daily routine as a wheel builder is now a lot easier.

App spokecalc
All essential wheelbuilding apps in one place. Add components, save wheels, calculate spoke length and use tension app.

Whether you are building a custom wheelset for your road bike, mountain bike or touring rig, Spokecalc is here to help you achieve optimal performance and durability. Join thousands of cyclists and wheel builders around the world who rely on SpokeCalc for their wheel building needs

Start building better wheels today with SpokeCalc.