Useful information about measurements, bike mechanics and wheelbuilding

SPOKE TENSION - The definitive guide to spoke tensioning

Mastering wheel building requires mastering spoke tensioning. Imagine it as an invisible force that makes our wheels strong and durable. Judging the wheel simply by its trueness is a dangerous state of mind. Most wheelset related problems, including but not limited to broken spokes often arise from it. Not trying to be dramatic about it, but it will literally make, or break the wheel.

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EXOTIC WHEELBUILDING - Understanding paired spoke hole hub design

Rarely you are challenged by somehow exotic lacing. Being rim or spoke design. Paired spoke hole hub design is just one case that requires a specific calculation correction for the correct spoke length.

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MEASUREMENTS - Taking your own measurements with confidence

“Garbage in, garbage out.” You probably heard this one before and it sure applies well for wheel building. Mild interpretation would be that the results will be incorrect if the input is of poor quality. So to avoid costly measurement errors, use good quality measurement tools and follow some advice below.

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FIRST TIME USE - How to use SpokeCalc spoke calculator app

SpokeCalc has been designed to simplify the use of a spoke calculator to a common, first time user as you will find it in the following tutorial. So let’s see what features are available in SpokeCalc.

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