Want to build your first wheelset and need help from an experienced wheel builder? Or are you a wheel builder, wishing to make connection with another person of this trade? Then join the Makerbook, an all new free online network for wheelbuilders!


The makerbook

Our wheel building community is growing steadily day by day. And why not connect all these people? The concept behind the "Makerbook" idea is fairly simple. Let wheelbuilders enlist for a public list with their contact data to be accessible for potential clients and also their peers.

If you are a client, wishing to get a help from an experienced wheel builder, browse the nearest artisan in your county. And even more, if you are a wheel builder, contact a fellow wheel builder for wheel measurements, feedback etc.

Every wheel builder can enlist as this wheel building network was designed to be free. All you need is to create a new user account at App SpokeCalc (no need for any membership acquired).

All existent App Spokecalc's users can enlist in this Makerbook by activating this feature in the Menu - User - Settings.


As a free tool, the Makerbook will let you show your wheel building / bikeshop contact information to potential clients or other fellow builders.

Users with active licence at App SpokeCalc can combine Makerbook with another community based tool - The wheel inquiry tool. With this complementary contact form, your customers will have an easy way contacting you and place wheel inquiries!


Setting your makerbook account is fairly simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. Have an account created. Clicking on the link, fill all the necessary data inputs to create an account at App Spokecalc.
  2. Login inside the app. After receiving an email with credentials, login into the app. If you have no membership purchased, don't worry.
  3. Navigate to User menu item and fill all the rest data inputs under the Bikeshop tab. Be sure to check the checkbox "Enlist for the Makerbook".
  4. Additional details like adding highlights (external links to your special projects) can be added in the Makerbook menu item.
NEW!!! We've just released a total wheelbuilding tool. Calculate spoke length, save components, calibrate tension meter and use tension app.