Determining spoke length
- The procedure for determining spoke length when building a bicycle wheel -

Great videos that truly reveal secrets of the art of wheel building are hard to find. But when a renowned company like Park Tool ® creates it, it is almost a guarantee for quality. Below you will find their newest wheel building YouTube video - Determining Spoke Length for Wheel Building, published on July 1st, 2021. A detailed and concise tutorial video with plenty of tips and tricks for getting the correct spoke length featuring, online spoke calculator! Enjoy!


00:00 Video start

00:25 Preliminary info

01:21 Typical Tools

01:51 The Spoke

03:49 The Rim

07:11 Rim Offset

09:01 Hub Dimensions

12:01 Lacing Pattern

13:01 Differential vs. Non-Differential Spoke Lengths

15:02 Online Spoke Calculators



Following the example of Park Tool's worksheet for documenting wheel building measurements, a new wheel building worksheet has been created for determining spoke length and keeping a record about your wheel building projects. You can download it on the link below:

Enjoy wheel building!

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NEW!!! We've just released a total wheelbuilding tool. Calculate spoke length, save components, calibrate tension meter and use tension app.