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- Document and save your every wheel’s details -

Don't get lost in your work. Keep a record and store at least the basic details about every wheel you build. Document your wheelsets' general characteristics and in combination with a "wheel birth certificate" have a complete overview of your wheelbuilding history.


One of my previous wheelbuilding tool was a so called wheel birth certificate template which helps a wheelbuilder keep a record of many details regarding a single wheel. It included all the necessary data that are actually relevant for the customer, bike user. But, from a wheelbuilder's perspective and also to keep a clearer picture of your work, it is wise to keep track also of all the wheels you build in a list that is chronologically organized.

my wheels list
With the My wheels list, you can evidence your wheelbuilding work!

Below you will find a blank A4 size My Wheels table template. In it, you will be able to write down and archive all the basic, yet very important details about all your previous wheels' details. Print this template, store it in your workshop and start documenting your work.

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NEW!!! We've just released a total wheelbuilding tool. Calculate spoke length, save components, calibrate tension meter and use tension app.