Spoke length worksheet
- Document and organize your wheelbuilding projects in the workshop -

Determining spoke length is a common, yet often time consuming wheel building task that is just as important as truing and tensioning the wheel itself. Even though the PRO version of the online spoke calculator, SpokeCalc, offers an automated print sheet of your wheel data and spoke calculations, a blank spoke length worksheet that you can print in advance and fill it out during rim/hub measurements will be of use to many old school wheel builders.


Organize your work, it will make you even better wheelbuilder! Documentation about measurements and spoke length calculations is a good practice of this trade and serves us as a base for a later regular maintenance of a wheelset and for future improvements of our work. Read more about why keeping a record about measurements can be beneficial in one of my previous articles - Wheelbuilding documentation - Good practices about keeping record of correct spoke length, hub dimensions and rim choice.

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Write down all your components' measurements and details about the wheel you are building. Document your data for later use!

Below you will find blank A4 spoke length worksheets for two different hub types - classic and straight pull - as well as front/rear side specific. Print these worksheets and organize your projects in the workshop by using them for writing down every detail about the wheel you are building when you are not able to use SpokeCalc’s web app.


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