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Also available as a App Spokecalc - A total wheelbuilding tool.

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"Wheel building is undeniably an art. But there is also a science to it, as well." BikeRumor

"SpokeCalc is a real powerhouse for any serious wheelbuilder. We love it."

Bockstein Bikes


wheel tension app
Using tension app with a digital tension meter!

"I wish to acknowledge and thank you for the time and effort in creating this wonderful wheel-building site. The attention to detail is noticed and appreciated. Please keep the articles coming!"


wheel tension app
A spanish friend of ours is sending us this photo of him having a happy wheelbuilding time using SpokeCalc app in his workshop. Thanks David!

"Aljaz, thanks for your help with the spoke measurements. The spokes finally arrived and the lengths worked out perfectly!"

Mark D.

wheel tension app
Spoke calculations worksheet and summary page. What more can a wheelbuilder want?

"Thank you for your worksheets and spokecalc.io website. It has helped me build my wheels!"

Scott S.

wheel tension app
Love to see users sending me photos like these. 🙏 Print sheet of tension app summary for a new build.

"Your calculator rocks! I wil be purchasing the Master Builder version very soon."


wheel tension app
"The hard life pre SpokeCalc App", commented my german friend 😄 gathering spoke length and tension data the hard way...


NEW!!! We've just released a total wheelbuilding tool. Calculate spoke length, save components, calibrate tension meter and use tension app.