Wheel birth certificate
- Document and share custom wheelset’s specifications with your client -

Building a custom wheelset is an art of mixing and matching rim, hub and spokes to meet specific requirements and/or budget. With numerous possible variations, documenting final wheelset’s specifications becomes even more important for the wheel builder and the client as well. Here is where a so-called wheel birth certificate comes handy.


As one of my previous articles suggests, documentation is the key! When it comes to wheelbuilding, keeping a record of your work is a great practice of this trade. From a wheelbuilder’s perspective, archiving a print sheet that a PRO version of the SpokeCalc online spoke calculator offers should be enough. But… Sharing all the dull details like components’ measurements with your client? Is that even relevant? Or necessary?

That is where the wheel birth certificate will help out by filtering relevant information about a custom wheelset. As a master wheel builder, such a document can also serve you as a quality certificate of your handwork. Having all this data at hand, it will also help you orient when the wheelset is brought back for regular maintenance and servicing. Knowing all the details about wheel specifications and components upfront will make your work easier, save you time and make you more confident on the long run.

wheel birth certificate
With the wheel birth certificate, you can share all the vital wheelset's specifications with your client!

Below you will find a blank A4 wheel birth certificate template that consists of two sections, one for the front and one for the rear wheel. You will be able to write down and archive all important details about wheelset's specification, weight, spoke length, tensioning and radial/lateral runout. Print this template on a nice decorative sheet of paper and enclose it to your client with your custom wheelset.

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